Seven Steps to a Connected Life



1. Determine that knowing God is the most important priority in your life.

2. Quietness. Set aside at least 15 minutes every morning to spiritually tune-in to the Holy Spirit’s voice and work in your life. This time will set the stage for listening to the His voice during the rest of your day. This is THE MOST CRITICAL part of your day.

3. Surrender. Begin your quiet time with a prayer of surrender to God. Psalms 51 is a great prayer to use for this, or the prayer from Christ’s Object Lessons, pg. 159. Both are on our Powerful Prayer page.

4. Meditate on the Life of Christ. Take the remaining minutes to meditate on the Life of Christ. I would recommend using the book of Matthew(beginning just after the begets of chapter 1) and taking it very slow, i.e. a word, phrase or maybe a verse at a time. Record your discoveries in a simple journal under an entry with the day’s date. We will be talking more about this in the future. Expect the Holy Spirit to guide your mind and heart during this time.

Bible study and memory time. AFTER your quiet time, either in the morning or in the evening, you may want to consider following the Bible study guidelines included with this guide, along with working on the memory verse.

5. Apply. Apply the lesson(s) that the Holy Spirit has taught you during your time meditating on the life of Jesus AFTER confirming that they are in harmony with God’s Word. We will talk more about this in the future, too. Record your application(s) in the journal you used for #4. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom as you seek to live out what you’ve learned.

6. Practice listening for the Holy Spirit’s voice during the rest of your day. You’ve allowed the Holy Spirit to tune your heart to hear His voice during this quiet time in God’s presence, now seek to stay in tune during the day. Be aware of activities that tend to take your heart out of tune and avoid them.

7. Re-focus breaks. Take time during the day to ‘check-in’ with your heart and God to make sure you’re still listening. If you’ve gone out of tune, then take a moment with the Lord to allow the Holy Spirit to bring your heart back into tune with His voice.