Our Mission

Our Mission
While we hold to the over-arching purpose and mission of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist church, we have developed a congregational mission statement to sharpen our focus. Below you will find a brief explanation of our mission statement.

"To have a world-impacting local presence"

     As a congregation, we believe that we must pursue our local work with the world mission field in mind. After all, the great commission includes more than our local town! Our work, therefore, includes both local and international outreach.


"that reflects the mission of Revelation 14"

     This is a reference to the entire chapter of Revelation 14, from the sealing of God's end-time people to the second coming of Jesus. It includes the passage after which this local church is named, in verses 6-11, which refers to three end-time messages, delivered by three angels.


"urging preparation for Christ’s soon return"

     The message of Revelation 14 is one of great urgency to our generation. It is this urgency that drives our ministry as a congregation.


"by fostering the development of Christ’s character"

     Character is the only thing we can take to heaven. We believe with deep conviction in the development of Christian character in preparation for the soon return of Jesus and preparation for our eternal home. This development of character takes place only as we wash our characters in the blood of Jesus and live by faith in His saving grace.


"and proclaiming the Three Angels’ messages."

     We are committed to doing our part to spread the everlasting Gospel to our neighborhood and beyond, through whatever means possible, so that in some way we may hasten the return of Jesus Christ and have a multitude of men and women prepared to meet Him when He returns.

Our Motto

"Live in the center of God's will."

     The most important question any of us can answer is: "Am I in the center of God's will?". At Three Angels, we want to make this a part of our everyday lives, part of our motto to live by.

"Be a channel in the stream of His providence."

     God is at work all around us and as believers the first place we want to be is in the center of His will. Then we want to allow our lives to be a channel of His blessings to those around, being especially sensitive to work where God is already at work. We believe this is the most important way to live our lives.

Our Teaching Focus
Scripture. We firmly believe that a strong and healthy Christian life is founded upon a familiarity with and love for Scripture. It is our purpose to foster this love and familiarity as a congregation. For details on how we are carrying that out CLICK HERE.

Devotion. We believe that fundamental to the Christian life is personal devotion to Jesus Christ, characterized by daily communion with Him and a life transformed by that daily communion. As a congregation we seek to foster that daily, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. CLICK HERE for details about how we're doing so.

Relationship. We believe that we, as believers, are the body of Christ and that this body should reflect an inner unity and connectedness that reflects this conviction. To see how we're pursuing this objective

Soul-winning. We believe that our mission is not simply to grow personally and learn to get along, but that we are commissioned to lead people of every race, age, class and culture to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. For insight into how we're pursuing this CLICK HERE.